Xero Integration

Selro supports the integration with Xero for automatically creating sales receipts/invoices into Xero from your sales orders. Selro will only include paid orders from sales channels into Xero.


To integrate Xero in your Selro account please follow the steps outlined below. 


Selro will automatically send your orders to Xero every 6 hours to create sales receipts/ invoices 


Please select Accounting-> Accounting -> Enable Xero-> Xero settings.




Please select 'Connect to Xero' 

This will take you to the Xero login page, please follow the steps through to complete the integration. 

Once complete please select 'test connection' to ensure integration is set up correctly. 




Next please enable the channels that you want to push the orders to.


Once enabled please select the Invoice account, the payment account and the tax code you want to assign to orders from these channels. 


Please note you can only select one tax code/ invoice account per channel. 




To search for orders that have been submitted to Xero please select the tab sales receipts and enter your order ID here. 





What does this Integration do? 

Selro sends the following data from Selro to your Xero account. Selro only sends the order details from paid orders only.


When your orders are sent to Xero it will automatically create a sales invoice ready to be printed from your sage account.

Selro will send the order transaction details, this includes:

-Order Total

-Item price



-Item title

Serlo will also send the customer details this includes:




-phone number


Selro will create a payment for the invoice within Xero, and then set the invoice to paid.

  • Paid Order Details in Selro are created as invoices in Xero
  • Sales Line Items in Selro are mapped to Invoice Line Items in Xero
  • Payment details from the order is mapped to the Payment  in Xero
  • Customer Details  from orders are mapped  into Contacts in Xero

Please note with Xero integration the tax code is set per channel.

The following data flow diagram shows the data flow direction and mapping of Selro objects into Xero



 The following video shows the steps to connect Xero with Selro and it will only take few seconds for the integration.




For commonly asked questions on Xero integration, please click here


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