Parcelforce Integration


To integrate Parcelforce within Selro please follow the below steps.


Select the 'Shipping' tab

Next select' Shipping Courier Setup'



Next, please select the 'Available Carriers'2020-07-09__15_.png


Next please click on 'Setup' for Parcelforce


Next please enter your account information under the 'integration tab'

You will need to create a test label for each service you intend to use. 

So please enter your test API keys and select 'enable test mode'

You can generate your test label by going to orders-> open orders-> select an order-> generate label-> via Parcelforce'

This needs to be printed out on your production printer and then put in the post to Parcelforce using the below address.

 Parcelforce Worldwide

Caldecotte, Milton Keynes, MK7 8LE


Once you have completed this process and have received confirmation from Parcelforce please enter your live API keys and disable test mode. 

If you already have approval and have your live API keys you do not need to follow the above process, you can simply enter your live keys and begin generating your shipping labels 

Please ensure all details under pickup address with an asterisk have been completed. 



Under the shipping services tab please select all of the services that you wish to use within Selro.



Under 'integrated label settings' you have the option to customise your integrated label.

(If you only want to print the default Parcelforce label 4x6 you can leave this section.)

Please click on the link below to view our user guide on designing your integrated label

User Guide



To connect your printer please select the 'Printer Set-Up' tab and download the relevant software 

Once you have downloaded the QZ printer tray please click 'search printer' and connect your printer in Selro. 

If you select the print automatically check box, then when you generate your labels these will be automatically sent to your printer. 




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