Remove Listings from Inventory and Re-Download From Sales Channels

Some time you may want to re-download the items from sales channels into Selro after channging listing details directly in the sales channels.  Selro channel connector provides two ways to achieve that.

  • Download and Replace listings into Selro inventory
  • Remove Selro Products from Inventory and re-download the listings.


Download and Replace Listings into Selro Inventory

For this please go to the perticular sales channel integration and click 'Download and Replace Inventory'

The below sample image is for eBay.



Remove Selro Products from Inventory and Re-Download Listings

This option is required if you have changed your SKUs directly in sales channels and want to re-download. To remove Selro products please bulk select products and click  'Remove Products'. Please dont click 'Also remove these products from from listed channels' as this will remove the products from the sales channels as well.


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