Create Amazon Schedule Order Reports

Please follow the below steps and configure schedule order reports

  • Please go to Order -> Order Reports



  • Click 'New Orders' tab and go to 'Schedule Report Settings'
  • Please click 'Add or remove order report columns'



  • Please enable below additional columns in addition to th emandatory columns.
  1. Ship service name
  2. Address Type
  3. Billing
  4. Order channel
  5. Ship dates
  6. Customization info
  7. Prime
  8. Premium order
  9. Customized URLs
  10. Buyer company name
  11. Fulfilled by
  12. VAT details


  • Once the custom colum settings are updated, please go to the 'New Orders' tab  as shown in the below screen


  • Click 'Include a column for sales channels' and ckick 'Schedule'
  • You will see 'You are currently receiving a scheduled order report every 15 minutes.'



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