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  • How do I disconnect Xero from my Selro Account?

Please click the 'Disconnect' button shown next to 'Re-Connect'

  • What does 'Xero connection has expired' error message means?

Some times the connection between Selro and Xero could get disconnected for many different reason. e.g you may revoke the API token directly from your Xero account.    if this happens please click 'Re-Connect' and connect the Xero intergration again.

  • How do I send sales order data into Xero?

Once you have enabled each channel, Selro will automatically send the sales order details from those channels into Xero. However you can also manually send/re-send the order details to Xero by going into Order section and select the order and under Actions  please click 'Accounting'.


The following window will be shown and please click 'Update to Xero'



  • Can I resend the orders details that Selro already sent before ?

Yes you can resend order details as many times as you like. This will update the invoice details in Xero for the given order id.



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