NOTHS Integration

How does the NOTHS integration work with Selro?

Every 10 minutes, new orders will be download from NOTHS to Selro;

Once the order is properly allocated on Selro, it will be set to 'Accepted' on NOTHS platform automatically;

When you ship an order in Selro, NOTHS is updated with the shipment details, this includes the fulfilment status, any tracking numbers along with an email confirmation sent to your customer;

IMPORTANT: Your NOTHS listing SKU must match your Selro Product SKU or merge it if it is different in NOTHS. If you have listings on NOTHS with a blank SKU or SKU that don't have a matching Selro SKU, Selro will import those orders but stock levels will not be updated;

IMPORTANT: Please note that Selro is unable to update stock levels back to NOTHS store due to NOTHS API Limitations

IMPORTANT: Creating new listings into NOTH must be performed directly in NOTHS. This is due to the NOTHS API Limitation.

IMPORTANT: Please note that for product download, you would need to import the NOTHS products into Selro inventory via a CSV file. NOTHS API currently does not support the inventory download.


How to connect your store to Selro?

  • Please select your username in the top right hand corner and then select connections



  • Please click on 'Marketplaces'


  • Please select 'Add' for NOTHS



  • Fill in the needed information, and click on test connection to make sure the integration is working correctly.
  • Please contact your account manager at NOTHS for you API details. 



The below video takes you through a step by step tutorial of this process. 


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