Connect Amazon Marketplace


To connect your Amazon Marketplace please follow the steps outlined below. You can integrate with multiple Amazon Marketplaces. 


Please note, you can only integrate an Amazon account that you are the owner of.


We can integrate with the following Amazon Marketplace's:

United States. United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, India, Japan, Mexico, Australia, Netherlands, Sweden, Turkey, United Arab Emirates (U.A.E), Singapore


To Add Your Amazon Channel

  • Select your username in the top right hand corner-> connections-> Marketplaces tab-> Add Amazon





  Please follow the below steps within your Amazon account

  • Login to Amazon Seller Central Account from the above links.
  • Click Settings -> User Permissions and click 'Visit Manage Your Apps'
  • Click 'Authorise New developer
  • For Amazon US, Canada,Mexico,Europe,Australia,Japan and India, please click the button 'I want to use an application to access my Amazon seller account with MWS'. Please use Selro for the Application Name and following Selro Amazon developer account.

    US/Canada/Mexico - 8380-0981-3710
    Europe - 2193-9241-5088
    Australia - 700886720035
    Singapore - 700886720035
    India - 2193-9241-5088
    Japan - 700886720035

    UAE - 2193-9241-5088

  • For other Amazon sites, please select , 'I want to access my own account option' (First Option).
  • Accept the Amazon MWS License Agreement and click the Next button.
  • Last page will show you the Seller ID, MWS Authorisation Token and Marketplace Id.
  • Copy these values into your Selro Amazon Integration form
  • For Amazon Japan, Please read the Limitations with Amazon Japan Integration


Follow the below steps in your Selro Account

  • Next select the Amazon site e.g. UK, USA
  • Enter all of your account details (Your Account Nickname is just for reference within Selro)
  • Select the check box 'download catalogue' 
  • Select the check box 'download orders' to have your Amazon orders downloaded into Selro going forward
  • If you use Amazon FBA please select the check box 'Download Amazon FBA catalogue into Selro' (your Amazon FBA products will appear under your 'Fulfilment Centre Inventory')
  • Select the box 'Download Amazon FBA Orders' To have FBA orders downloaded into Selro


Once you have completed the above steps please select 'Test Connection' and make sure your account is successfully connected. 

Then select the button 'Download Amazon Catalogue' your Amazon products will start to download into your Selro inventory this process usually takes around 1 hour. 


To create your Amazon listing template please select 'Listing Templates'

You can create multiple listing templates for each channel


From here you can set 'general details' such as item condition and product tax code etc. If you leave this information blank the data from the general product details in your inventory will be used. 


From the Shipping tab you can enter your Amazon Shipping Template (If opted in)


From the Priving rules tab you can set you own pricing rules for example e${cost_price!}*1.6 + 1  This will multiply the cost price by 1.6 and add 1. 

The following tags are available to use

${cost_price!} and ${selling_price!}


From the categories tab you can select the Amazon categories and browser nodes for this template (anytime you a list a product to Amazon using this template it will automatically assign them to this Amazon category)


From here you can also map Selro categories for this listing templates so that products in those Selro categories will be automatically assigned this listing template while listing to channels.




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