Connect OnBuy Marketplace

To connect your OnBuy Marketplace please follow the steps outlined below. 


Settings-> channel Integration-> marketplaces-> 'Add' OnBuy






Next enter your OnBuy account Nickname (this is just for reference within Selro)

Next, enter your Consumer Key and Consumer secret (you can find these in your OnBuy account)

Please check the box 'Download the Catalogue into Selro' and the select the button 'Download OnBuy Catalogue'  Your products will download into your Selro inventory (Inventory-> Inventory & Listings)

Please note it generally takes around 1 hour for all of your products to download

Please check the box 'Download the orders into Selro' if you want your OnBuy orders to download into Selro (Orders-> All Orders)




To locate your Consumer Key and Consumer Secret please log into your OnBuy seller account

Listings & Products-> Imports and Integrations-> under available integrations please select Selro





Select Selro integration

Here you will find your live consumer Key and your live consumer secret, please copy and paste these keys under consumer key and consumer secret.




If you want to list new products to OnBuy from Selro you need to first create a test product in Selro using the test consumer key and test consumer secret. 


You can copy these keys and enter them under the 'Test Product' section for OnBuy

From here you can enter your test product details.

Please note you must use a valid EAN number

For product category please choose a category that does not contain any variations for example category 2297

Once you have entered all of the test product details please select 'Create a test product for OnBuy approval'

You can then check with your OnBuy account manager and once you have received approval you will be able to create listings from Selro to OnBuy




Under the OnBuy integration section you can create listings templates so you can bulk list products from Selro to OnBuy under the correct OnBuy category and Brand. 


Settings-> channel Integration-> edit OnBuy-> listing templates -> from here you can add a new listing template or edit an existing listing template


You can add multiple listing templates per channel. 




Please note, once you have created your OnBuy listing the only changes you can make to that listing in Selro are to update the quantity and to change the prices. 


OnBuy will not allow you to make any other changes to an active listing from Selro.


If you want to change an active listing on OnBuy you will need to make these changes directly in your OnBuy account.


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