How to Customise your Shipping Labels

To customise your shipping labels in Selro please follow the steps outlined below


Please select Shipping-> Invoice & Shipping labels


Please note you need to edit the shipping label per channel.








Customise the body of text under 'label text'

-Here you can amend the layout of your shipping label

-You can add images by selecting -> view -> source code-> enter the tag <img src= " Image Url Here"/>

-You can add more fields by using the tags available under the tab 'available fields'

-If you have added PPI images into Selro, these will automatically be displayed on your default labels. 

For more information on PPI images please click on our user guide below. 

Royal Mail PPI Labels


If you have any questions on this process please contact our support team at


Customise the label design under 'other settings'

-From here you can specify the label size

-Add the tax amount to your shipping label and specify the tax amount

-Choose your label design



View all available tags under 'available fields'

-You can copy the available tags to the label text

-For a full list of available tags, please click on the link below

Invoice Customisation Tags




Check out the video below for more details.




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