How to Bulk Delete Products in Selro

You can bulk delete product from Selro under the main inventory page and via a CSV file. 


To delete your products under your inventory page please follow the steps outlined below:


Please select Inventory-> Inventory & Listings 




-Select the products you want to remove (you can delete up to 1,000 products at a time

-Select 'Other Actions'

Select 'Remove Products'




If you want to remove any variations associated with your products please select the check box

If you select 'remove these products from listed channel's' this will delete your products from Selro AND your marketplaces. Please note once your products have been deleted from Selro and your marketplace we cannot retrieve this information. 




To delete your products via a CSV file please follow the steps outlined below


-Please select Inventory-Bulk Actions

-Please select file type 'Bulk Delete Products'






From here you can upload a CSV file to delete your products from Selro.


Please use the below sample file to do this, please note that only the header SKU is required.




Please note if you select the check box 'Also delete products from Sales Channels' this will remove your products from Selro AND from your marketplace. Once these products have been deleted they can not be recovered. 




You can also bulk delete your products under the channel integration section. 


-Please select Settings-> Channel Integration

-Select the marketplace you want to remove all products for

-Select other actions-> select 'Remove all listings from Selro'


This will remove all listings from your Selro Inventory but will NOT remove your listings from your Marketplace.



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