How to Solve Common Amazon Listing Errors

Please download the below file and check for any errors returned while listing to Amazon.

The below is some of the most common errors and what needs to be done to resolve it.


Amazon Listing Error How to resolve
You cannot change the 'item_classification' for SKU  by submitting a feed with a new value. To change this attribute, do the following: 1) Submit a feed to delete the existing SKU. 2) Submit a feed to recreate the SKU with the updated 'item_classification'.

This happens if you change the Amazon category after creating the listing with a different category. 

To resolve this, please click 'Remove Amazon Listing' in Selro listing page for that item and wait for 24 hours and then send the listing again to Amazon with the new category.

Feed rejected error  when create/update/delete listings

The following are possible reasons


a) Amazon MWS API authorization for Selro has expired.


b) Amazon has put some sort of restriction or limitation on the account.


Any restrictions should be accessible in Amazon Seller Central, if not please contact Amazon directly for more details

If the account has restrictions or has been suspended, Selro is still able to download orders, but it is not allowed to create/update/delete listings.


To see if there is any restrictions on Amazon Seller central, please follow the below


a) Go to Settings -> Channel Integrations -> Amazon -> Edit channel details -> Test Connection. If the popup displays the following error:

Access to Reports.GetReportRequestList is denied then re-connect the MWS API integration with Selro


If the channel test is successful, Contact Amazon to confirm there are no restrictions on the account.

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