Huboo Integration

Please follow the below steps to integrate your Huboo account with Selro. With Selro integration with Huboo, you can configure your Selro account to send orders to Huboo warehouse. 


Creating Huboo Warehouse in Your Selro Account

Please select Settings-> Fulfilment Centres and click 'Add Fulfilment Network'



Please select 'Add Fulfilment Network'


Please select Huboo



Enter the  details.

-Automatically Fulfil Orders, this will send all of your orders in Selro to Huboo to be fulfilled.  Please click 'Settings' and select channels to enable to send orders to Huboo from Selro. This will send all orders from that channel into Huboo warehouse.  If Huboo support these sales channels and Huboo is fulfilling all the orders from those sales, our recommendation is to configure your Huboo account to get orders directly from sales channels.  



-Enable, this will enable the Huboo integration and start sending orders to Huboo Warehouse.    




Under the Shipping Services tab please enter the shipping service name from the channel in the 'Service Name' column, and the Huboo shipping service name under the 'code' column.
Selro will send the value from 'code' based on the shipping service received from channel.




Once you have created your Huboo fulfilment centre you need to send Selro API details to your account manager at Huboo to complete the integration. 


Please Note: Please email Selro API keys to your Huboo account manager if you require Huboo to update stock levels back to Selro and send orders from Selro to Huboo Warehouse.


You can find your API keys by following the steps below:


Settings->  Channel Integration



Select the tab 'API'

Send the API details to your account manager. 

If you do not have API access enabled on your account please contact our support team at and they can enable this for you. 






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