February 2021

Feature Updates

  • Royal Mail Click & Drop Integration is updated with the new API. Previously it was supported via Dropbox integration. The accounts connected with Dropbox will still continue to work.
  • Updated the search capability by barcodes to create matching items. This will bring ASIN, Product attributes and recommended marketplace prices.
  • Improve the efficiency when downloading the full inventory from 'Manage Inventory Page'
  • Enhance the Wish Marketplace Integration with Selro Public app. Full listing and order management is supported for Wish Marketplace



  • Stream line the create variations flow with the ability to quickly add variation them and values 
  • Enhance the audit logs to capture price updates
  • Barcode scanner enabled when creating new products. You can scan a barcode and  search and create matching products in one go.



  • Enhance the re-list functionality for closed items. Before you could only list the same channel. Now you can re-list closed items from one sales channel to another sale channels.
  • Now you can mark payment  received for WooCommerce pending orders from Selro. 
  • Introduce a feature request submission form. This can be access from top right handmade menu next the account details.   This will help us to prioritise the feature requests from all our customers release based on the demand.

Defect Fixes


  • Fixed an issue where cost price was not populating in full order history reports.
  • DPD Local custom data now populates EU business customer's EORI/VAT number for commercial invoice  
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