Supplier Management

Add Supplier Details into Selro

To add suppliers into Selro please select settings-> supplier management



Next please select 'New supplier' 


Under details you can enter the contact information for you Supplier. 


Supplier Products

Under supplier products you will be able to view all of your supplier products. 

To import your supplier products please select actions-> import supplier products

You can upload your supplier products via a CSV file. Please click on the link below to view the format your CSV file needs to be in. 

Import supplier products .csv

Once your supplier products have been imported you can add these to your main Selro inventory by selecting  actions-> add to my inventory

To remove your supplier products please select actions-> remove supplier products 

You can also create a purchase order from this page, simply select the item you would like to reorder-> other actions-> PO

(For more information on creating purchase orders in Selro please view our purchase order user guide

Purchase order user guide)



Supplier Feed

To keep you stock levels in sync with your suppliers quantity please enter your suppliers HTTP feed here. 

This feed will run every 24 hours as default, you can request a different frequency by contacting our support team at 

Once you have entered your feed please select 'fields mapping' from here you can map your supplier fields to Selro. 

Once you have completed the field mapping please select 'enable' to enable the stock sync with your supplier. This should change the status from 'Inactive' to 'Active'





Under this section you can edit your Purchase Order layout. 

You can customise your PO header and footer.


For more details on supplier management and dropshipping in Selro please visit our dropshipping user guide section




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