To set up notifications in Selro please select settings-> notifications


There are two notifications you can set up in Selro 

Low stock alert email

Email order Invoice (sent to customer)


Low Stock Alert

To set up low stock alert please select settings-> Notifications-> Low stock alert email 'settings'

To enable your low stock alert please select 'enable'

Next you can set the low stock alert level. 

You can either set a default minimum alert level for all of your products

Or you can upload a file and specify a low stock alert level per product by selecting 'Bulk upload low stock qty'

You can upload your low stock quantity amount per SKU using the sample file below.



You will receive an email notification when your stock level reaches the minimum stock level. 

You can also generate a low stock report from within Selro.

Please select Reports->Low Stock


From here you can filter your low stock alert by quantity.

To export your report please select 'export' you will then be able to download a copy of your file under the bulk actions section. 

Inventory->Bulk actions->Bulk exports

It generally takes around 15 minuets for your report to fully export.



Email Order Invoice

To enable your order notification emails to customers please select settings-> notifications-> email order invoice (to buyer) Settings

From here you can enable the email notification per channel.


To customise your email notification please select 'edit' per channel under the settings column.

Next please select settings.

From here you can select the SMTP server to send your email from

You can enter the email subject line and customise the email text.

You can also copy the following 'tags' into the main body of text to prepopulate certain information such as buyer name. 

Buyer Name ${buyername!}
Order Date ${orderdate!}
Order Details ${orderdetails!}
Order Id ${orderid!}
Shipping Address ${shippingaddress!}






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