Connect eBay Marketplace

To connect your eBay account in Selro please follow the steps below. You can integrate multiple eBay accounts in Selro. 

You can also join our webinar that will take you through this process.

eBay Webinar

Please note- you cannot update eBay motor parts listings from Selro. You can only create new eBay Motor parts listings from Selro. 

Select your username in the top right hand corner-> connections->Marketplaces-> 'add' eBay


Next please select 'generate an eBay token' 


Next please select 'generate eBay token'


Next please sign into your eBay account. 


Next please select 'Agree'


Once your account is integrated with Selro you will be given a token expiry date. 

Selro will notify you once this token is due to expire so you can generate a new token and keep you eBay account integrated with Selro

Please select 'next'


Once your account is integrated please enter your account nickname, this is just for reference in Selro.

If you want to download your eBay category into Selro please check 'Download Inventory' and select download eBay category-> download full eBay catalogue. 

Please note it takes around an hour for all of your products to import into Selro. 

If you want to import your eBay orders into Selro please select 'download orders'

You also have the option to import your eBay inbox. To view and respond to your custom messages in Selro please go to customer-> customer messages. 

If you select 'enable out of stock feature' then when products listed to eBay go out of stock the listings won't be closed, meaning you retain all of your positive feedback, they will simply be hidden until you add more stock back in. For this to work you need to enable the out of stock feature in eBay directly. (please see below eBay guide on this process)

How to use the out-of-stock option


If you select 'download inventory-> advance settings'

You will be given the option to download eBay listings from only certain eBay sites if you wish. 

Under eBay description tab you have the option to enter the HTML section from your eBay description to download. By default Selro download full eBay description including all the HTML design in your eBay item

If you are unsure, please contact Selro support team at



If you plan on using Selro to create new listings please select the listing templates tab and check our user guide on creating listing templates for eBay. 

(In the below video settings can now be located by selecting your username in the top right-hand corner and selecting connections) 

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