eBay Error Messages

Please see below common eBay error messages and how to resolve. 


Error Message: Solution:
You cannot create shop buy it now item listings

Please see below user guide

User Guide

Requires unique variation specifics and item specifics. Variation specifics and item specifics entered for a multi-sku item should be different.

If you receive the below error message when listing to eBay, please make sure you have removed the variation theme, from the attributes tab for the parent product.

Item level start price will be ignored

Please see below user guide

User Guide

Please enter a primary category

Please edit your listing (under the product listing tab) and make sure you have entered a primary category for this product. 

An error occurred, Please contact Selro support team. Detail error :For input string: "�16.90"


Please ensure none of your prices include the £/$ sign.

You may also need to check your listing profile and ensure £ is not under you Shipping & Payment tab. 

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