FBA Integration

To set up your FBA account in Selro please follow the steps outlined below. 

Please select settings-> Fulfilment Centre-> Add Fulfilment Network-> Add Amazon FBA 

(You can add multiple Amazon FBA accounts)





Next please enter your FBA account details. 

If you would like to keep your FBM listings in sync with your FBA listings please enable 'Stock Sync' 

For the stock synchronisation to work the SKU number on your sales channel needs to match your Amazon FBA SKU number. 

If you would like to fulfil non FBA orders through your FBA account you can enable 'multi-channel fulfilment' 

If you select 'settings' you can chose which channels to enable for automatic FBA fulfilment.

Or you can select 'Automatically fulfil your orders from other sales channels through your FBA' and this will push all of your orders to be automatically fulfilled through your FBA account. 


Your FBA products will then be shown in a separate inventory page to your non FBA products. 

Under Inventory-> Inventory & Listings-> Fulfilment Centre Inventory 

From here you also have the option to add your FBA items to your main Selro inventory to list to other channels. 



Your FBA orders will be shown under a separate tab in the order management section. 

Orders-> All Orders-> FBA orders

You will be able to see the status of each of your FBA orders here. 



Non FBA orders that are being fulfilled via your FBA account will appear under the 'Multichannel FBA Orders' 

From here you will be able to see the status of each of your non FBA orders. 





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