Connect EKM

To Integrate your EKM account into Selro please follow the steps outlined below. 


Please select Settings-> Channel Integration-> Ecommerce stores-> Add EKM




Next, please enter your account information.

Account Nickname -This is for internal reference in Selro only.

Store URL - Enter you store web address here.

Client Key - Please select connect, this will take you to EKM site, please select allow (as pictured below) this will generate the client key.

Once generated please select 'test connection' to ensure integration is successfully connected.

Download Products - If you want to import your EKM product catalogue please enable this feature.

Download Orders - If you want your EKM orders to download into Selro please enable this feature.

Listing Profile- If you want to list products from Selro to EKM you can set up listing profiles to speed up this process.






Listing Profile

If you plan on listing products from Selro to EKM you can set up listing profiles as pictured below.

You can set up multiple listing profiles.

Under the listing profile you can set the EKM category and when you list using this template this category will be applied to the listing.




Please watch the tutorial video below.

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