How to Merge FBA and Non FBA products for stock Synchronisation

Once your fulfilment centre is set up within Selro if you want to merge your FBA and Non-FBA items for stock control please follow the steps outlined below.


Please select Inventory-> Inventory & listings-> Fulfilment Centre Inventory->Please select the fulfilment centre using the filter tools -> select import fulfilment centre products




Once selected you can bulk import your FBA products via a CSV file

You can download a sample file below.

Import Fulfilment Centre Products .csv




Once all of your FBA products have been imported you can then add these products into your main Selro inventory.


Please select the relevant products and select 'add to merchant inventory' 




These products will then appear under your main inventory page. (Inventory-> Inventory & Listings )


Once here you can then merge your FBA products with your non-FBA products for stock keeping purposes. 

Please click on the link below to view our user guide on how to merge products in Selro. 

How to Merge Products

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