Map Selro categories to eBay categories

To help speed up the listing process you can map your Selro categories to the eBay categories in your eBay listing profile. 

Then anytime you create a new listing from Selro to eBay, the relevant listing profile will be automatically applied for you. 


Please click on the link below to view our user guide on how to create categories in Selro. 

Category user guide


Once you have created your Selro categories you can begin to set up your eBay listing profiles. 


Please click on your username-> select connections> edit eBay-> listing profiles.





From here you can create multiple listing profiles for each of your eBay categories. 




Once you have entered your eBay category please select the tab 'other'




From here you can select the Selro category to apply to this eBay listing template.

You can assign multiple Selro categories to each listing template. 




Then when creating any new listing from Selro to eBay, any products using these categories will be automatically assigned to this listing template. 


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