Product Labels

To customise your product label please follow the steps outlines below:

settings-> general settings-> product labels


From here you can design your product label under the 'label text' section. 

(This needs to be done using HTML)

The current HTML design is as follows:

<div style="width:100mm">
<img src="${barcode!}"/><br/><br/>
<strong>SKU: ${sku}</strong>


Below is the full list of tags that you can use to customise product labels


Tag Description
${title!} Product title 
${description!} Product description
${image_url!} Image
${qty!} Quantity
${sku!} SKU 
${selling_price!} Selling price
${cost_price!} Cost Price
${barcode!} UPC/EAN
${bin_location} This will show Warehouse Name, Item Location and Qty available in that location
${bin_location_only} This will show item location (Bin Location)


Please watch the video below to see how to add item location to your product label:


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