• Added support for Country of Origin (COO )requirement when create Amazon listings.  This is only applicable for if you create a your own product in Amazon using your own barcode.    You can enter the COO value under 'Shipping' tab for each SKU.


  • You can now edit the cost price on your purchase orders when in receiving status 
  • Improvement to Audit log functionality, audit  logs will keep for  6months and then remove
  • Ability to search BIN locations during stock-in process (Inventory -> Stock -In)



  • Updated the Caribou Shipping Integration to support the latest Caribou API details
  • The existing inventory functionality to re-download by item ids is now supported for most channels.   Earlier this was only supported for eBay and Amazon channels. (inventory-> inventory & listings-> other actions-> download from sales channels-> download by item ID)

Defect Fixes

  • Shopwired e-Commerce Store Integration - Create and Update listing issue is fixed -05-08-21
  • Bigcommerce Integration - Create and Update listing issue was fixed where MNP (Manufacture part number was not sending)   - 05-08-21
  • Intermittent issue with Click and Drop tracking numbers not updating into channels is fixed.
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