Manage Seller SKU/ FBA SKU mapping for automatic fullfilment


If you have enabled multichannel fulfilment for your fulfilment centre but you have a different SKU for you FBA product and your merchant fulfilled SKU you can use this feature to map your inventory SKU to your FBA SKU , so your system knows which FBA item to pick and reduce stock levels. 


You only need to set up this feature if you are selling FBA items in other channels with a different SKU number. 


To locate this feature please follow the steps outlined below:

Please select Inventory-> Inventory & Listings-> Fulfilment Centre Inventory-> Merchant SKU Mappings


Simply select the fulfilment centre, enter your merchant SKU, (the SKU number from your Selro inventory) and enter your fulfilment SKU (FBA SKU number)



You enter this manually one at a time or you can bulk upload this data via a CSV file. 

You can download a sample file here.

Seller SKU FBA SKU Mapping.csv

You can also bulk remove all FBA SKU mappings by selecting actions-> remove all mappings 





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