Create bundle/Kit listings

You can create bundle listings in Selro:


We also have a webinar that takes you through this process in depth, please click on the link below to join the webinar. 


Creating Bundle Listings in Selro Webinar


In the first scenario we have 1 product that is sold in packs 5

To start you need to create your 'master product' for stock control. 

In the example below this is the Green Jumper. 


From your inventory (Inventory -> inventory & listings)

Please select the product you want to create bundles of and select 'other actions' and then 'duplicate product'

This will copy across the title description etc, which you can then manually amend. 



You will now have 2 separate products as pictured below.



Next please edit your 'new' product (in this example that would be SKU 580795


Then select the 'bundles' tab and select 'assign a product'




Next please select your original 'master' product in this example this would be SKU Green Jumper and click 'add to bundle



Next you can assign the quantity to this bundle


In this example we are selling the SKU Green Jumper in packs of 5




In your Selro inventory you will then see 2 products as pictured below:


For our 'master SKU' Green Jumper you can see there is a quantity of 100, and for our 'bundle product' 580795 there is a quantity of 20.


Anytime you add stock to your master product this will automatically update the bundle product and whenever you sell the bundle product this will update the stock quantity for your 'master product' 




If you want to create a bundle of different items please follow the steps outlined below:


You can add multiple products to your bundles. If you want to sell a group of items for example a green jumper and a blue jumper, you would follow the same process as above, and simple add another bundle item. 


Please watch the below video for more details. 



To create bundle products in bulk please view our user guide below. 

Bulk create bundle products




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