Connect Kaufland

To integrate your Kaufland account into Selro please follow the steps outlined below:

Please select your username in the top right hand corner-> connections-> marketplaces -> add Kaufland.



You will need to enter your Client Key and Secret Key.  You can find these from your Kaufland Seller account by going to Settings -> Shop Settings -> API.   Please click 'Generate new API Keys' to generate new keys.



Once you have done this, please come back to your Selro account and input the relevant information: 


Then, click save and test the connection to ensure your Prestashop account has been successfully connected.

If you have any issues in completing this integration, please contact our support team at 


Please read the user guide below before attempting to creating new listings to Kaufland:

Listing to Kaufland

Once your Kaufland account is connected within Selro, please go to the 'Listing Profiles' tab and create a new listing profile.

It is recommended to create a new listing profile for each Kaufland category. 


Please enter at least the 'Category'  and 'Manufacture' name as these are mandatory to create a new product and an offer in Kaufland. 

Once the listing profile is selected, you can start listing products from your Selro inventory into Kaufland. Please ensure that you select the correct 'listing profile'.

Selro will try to find matching offers in Kaufland for the given EAN. If a matching offer is found, a new offer is created with the quantity and price.

If the barcode does not already exist on Kaufland, please create your listing directly on Kaufland. Otherwise, an error message will be returned (as seen in the user guide above). 

Please check for any errors returned while creating new products into Kaufland. The errors will mainly be for missing attributes. Please check for errors under 'Draft Listings'.

If the error indicates any missing attributes, please open the 'Listing Profile' back under the connections section and add the attribute name and the value.



If you have any further questions on this, please contact our support team at 

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