Create New/Update Listing into Kaufland

Pease follows the below section to create/update listings (offers) into Kaufland (Formerly from Selro.

  • Please connect your Kaufland seller account with Selro selecting your username in the top right hand corner -> connections -> marketplaces-> Add Kaufland
  • Please enter Client Key and Secret Key.  You can find these from your Kaufland Seller account   Settings -> Shop Settings -> API.   Please click 'Generate new API Keys' to generate new keys.




  • Once the Kaufland account is connected with Selro, Please go to 'Listing Profiles' tab and create a new listing profile.
  • It is recommended to create a new listing profile for each Kaufland category. 


  • Please enter at least the 'Category'  and 'Manufacture' name as these are mandatory to create a new product and an offer in Kaufland. 
  • Once the listing profile is selected, you can start listing products in your Selro inventory into Kaufland. Please select the correct 'listing profile'
  • Selro will first try to find matching offers in Kaufland for the given EAN. If a matching offer is found, a new offer is created with the qty and price 
  • If an offer is not found for the given EAN, Selro will send the create product request to Kaufland.
  • Once the product is created successfully, a new offer will be created for that product.
  • Please check out for any errors returns while creating new products into Kaufland. The errors are mainly for missing attributes. Please check for errors under 'Draft Listings'
  • If the error indicates any missing attributes, Please open the 'Listing Profile' and add the attribute name and the value.



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