How does the stock control works

Selro maintain the inventory for your items under the  Inventory section.  When you connect your e-commerce channel or marketplace account and download the listings following two things happens.

  • Selro download the listings from the channel  and create the inventory item and the listing item.  e.g If you have a listing with SKU 12345 in your eBay channel, Selro will create the inventory item with the SKU 12345 and create the eBay listing.  eBay listing is now automatically linked to the inventory item. 
  • If the inventory item SKU 12345 is already in Selro (e.g It may have already downloaded from your Amazon account), Selro will only create the eBay listing and link it to the inventory item.
  • Stock control works on the inventory item. e.g if you need to update the stock levels for the SKU 12345, you can search the inventory item and update the stock. This will update the stock levels for the linked listing items.
  • Selro also provide the ability to merge listings into an inventory item.  e.g  SKU  98765 is listed in eBay but it is the same inventory item as SKU 12345.   If you have different SKUs like this in your sales channels, then these listings will download into your inventory and Selro will create a separate inventory item for the SKU 98765.  You can then select these inventory items and merge into the correct inventory item SKU.  
  • If the stock synchronisation is enabled for the connected sales channels, Selro will reduce quantity for the inventory items based on the order line item SKUs. 
  • Important thing is if you use the same SKU across all your sales channels, then your listings will be automatically linked with the inventory item and no further action is required. 
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