Check List for Inventory Management

This checklist is to designed to help new users make sure their account is fully set up to ensure smooth inventory management and product setup. 


  • To begin please note whichever product catalogue you import first, this will be considered your 'master product' information and this information will be displayed when you go to your main inventory page. This data will also be used when creating new listings for your marketplaces so please make sure to download your best catalogue first. (The title, description, price, etc. that is used on other marketplaces will be visible in Selro when you edit the actual listings) 


  • Once you have connected your marketplaces please make sure you have set up your listing profiles. The listing profile can be found for each channel by selecting your username in the top right-hand corner-> select connections-> edit your channel-> listing profile. You can set up as many listing profiles as you need. 


  • We recommend that any changes you make to your product data should be made in Selro and then pushed to your marketplaces from Selro. Any changes that are made directly in your marketplaces won't automatically reflect in Selro you will need to redownload the products into Selro. 


  • If you have the same products listed across multiple marketplaces, please ensure your products have the same SKU reference across each marketplace. If they have different SKU numbers Selro will not recognise them as the same product so the stock level won't be synchronised across your channels. If you have the same products listed across multiple channels with different SKU numbers you can merge them together, please see below the user guide on how to merge products. 

        How to merge products

  • If you want to set up variation or bundle products in Selro please check our webinars below:

        Variation Webinar

        Bundle Webinar


  • Once you are happy with the stock levels and product set up in Selro please enable stock synchronisation. 

         Inventory-> Inventory synchronise


  • If you want to continue adding new products to your marketplaces (instead of in Selro) if you leave 'product download' enabled then any new products you create on your marketplace will be automatically imported into Selro, this feed is generally run once every 24 hours. 


  • For eBay users if you don't want your listings to be closed when they go out of stock please make sure you enable the 'out of stock' feature, this can be found by selecting your username in the top right-hand corner-> select connections-> edit eBay-> enable out of stock feature here. Please see the user guide below for more details.

          Out of stock feature



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