Check List for Stock Synchronisation

This checklist is to designed to help new users make sure stock synchronisation has been enabled in their account correctly.


  • First please make sure all products have been imported to Selro from all of your marketplaces.


  • Please make sure each product has the SAME SKU reference across each marketplaces. (The stock synchronisation is based on the SKU number, or custom label in eBay.)


  • Please make sure that stock synchronisation has been enabled for each marketplaces. (order download must be enabled for this to work.) You can check this setting under inventory-> inventory synchronise. 


If you believe your stock is not syncing correctly this could be due to a number of factors:


  • Do your products have the same SKU across each marketplaces?
  • Do you have a supplier set up? Have you got a supplier feed enabled, this can update your stock levels. 
  • Do you have an FBA account? Have you enabled this for stock sync within Selro? If enabled this will update your FBM stock levels.
  • Have you enabled the stock synchronisation? Have you changed the master inventory to one of your marketplaces? If so the stock updates need to be done in that marketplaces. 
  • Have you set up some bundle products? If so when updating the component product, or when any of the linked bundled items sells this will automatically update your stock levels. 




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