Etsy Listing Profile

If you are planning to list from Selro to Etsy you will find it beneficial to set up your Etsy listing profiles. 


You can do this by selecting your username in the top right hand corner-> select connections-> edit Etsy -> listing profile






You can create as many listing profiles as your require, some users find it beneficial to create a listing profile per category. 


From here you can enter your Etsy category, production partner, who made the product and more. 

When creating your listing if you assign your listing template all of these fields will be prepopulated in your listing. 

Your Shipping profile must be created in Etsy before listing from Selro. To create your shipping profiles in Etsy please click on the link below.

Etsy Shipping Profile

At the moment Etsy's API doesn't support calculated shipping when creating a listing.  To list items with calculated shipping please click on the link below

Calculated shipping for Etsy







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