View Listings from Sales Channels

If you go to inventory-> inventory & listings-> manage listings-> you will see several different tabs in this section. 


Tab 1 Active listings

Under this section you will see your listings.

If you use the filter tool Item ID's and select 'has item ID's' you will see all of your active listings.

You can use the filter tools along the top to filter by channel/category etc. 

You can also send updates to the channel from this section.

Selecting update to channel on this page will send a full update to your marketplaces and replace all details to that channel.

(Apart from Amazon only a partial update will be sent, this will update the title, description, bulletpoints, price, and quantity.)

If you use the filter tool item ID's and search 'missing item ID' this product has not yet been listed to your channel, you can select this product and select update to channel to push this to your marketplace. (You may also want to check the draft tab and listing errors tab in relation to this SKU for any error messages.)



Tab 2: Draft Listings

Under your draft listings tab you will see draft listings that you have started but have not sent to the channel to be published yet. 

This section will also flag up any error message you need to correct on your draft listings before you create them. 

If you want to schedule a listing for a particular date and time you can create a draft listing and then select schedule and select the time and date you want this listing to created from. 




Tab 3: Schedule listings

Here you will see products that you have scheduled to list at a certain date/time.

From here you can also select 'list to channel' if you decide you would like to list these products immediately.




Tab4: Closed Listings

From this tab you will see all of your closed listings. 

If you want to relist these products you can select 'list to channel' to create a new listing. 

You can remove old closed listings from this page if you wish using the 'remove closed listings' button.




Tab 5: Listing Status

From this tab you will see the status of new listings you have created. 

The status will either show waiting or in process. 

Waiting means the listing is queued by the channel to be put into the listing process

Processing means the channel listing process has started. 




Tab 6: Listing Errors

This tab will show any error messages for your listings. 

This can either be for live listings or draft listings. 

From here you can use the 'actions' button to edit the listing and make the needed corrections. 

If you are unsure of how to correct an error message please check out our user guides below.

Common Error Messages

You can also send a screenshot of your error message to our support team at along with the SKU reference and a member of our team would be happy to help. 





Tab 7: Not listed Items

This section will show all of your products that are not currently listed to any channel. 

You can create new listings from this page if you wish. 



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