How to update existing Amazon listings

There are several ways you can amend your existing Amazon listings. 

If you want to update a single listing please go to:

Inventory-> inventory & listings-> search for the relevant SKU and then click edit.

Once you have selected ‘edit’, if you want to update the quantity for this listing, please select the listing tab and select 'update quantity'.

(If you do not want to list the full quantity to Amazon you can enter a listing quantity under the stock levels option. Once you have entered a listing quantity this will be the quantity that will be displayed on Amazon until the total/actual quantity drops below the listing quantity):



If you want to update the price for this listing please select the 'Prices' tab. You can then select 'apply price changes to channels' and update the price to your marketplaces. 

If you want to list this product at a different price to Amazon compared to your other channels, please enter a selling price next to the Amazon option (as pictured below):



To update any other product information please go to the listings tab and edit your Amazon listing. 



From this tab, you can also amend your product title, description, images, categories etc. 

Once you have updated your product information, please select update to ‘Amazon’.

From this tab, you also have have the option to:

-Send a partial update (this will update your title, description and bulletpoints to Amazon)

-Send a full update (this will replace all details to Amazon)



To update your Amazon listings in bulk please follow the steps below. 

Please click on your username-> select connections-> edit Amazon



Please select 'other actions'

From here you can bulk update your stock levels, prices and images to Amazon from Selro

You can also remove all Amazon listings from your Selro inventory. 

If you want to bulk update your Amazon listing information please select 'bulk import product detail'.




From here you can download and populate your CSV file with either new or existing listings. 

You can create new listings to Amazon from this page or update existing Amazon listings. 

When updating your existing Amazon listings please only include the SKU reference and the information that you want to update.

Once you have populated your CSV file please upload here:






If you have changed some information in your listing profile/ template and now want to reflect that change in your active listings, please follow the steps outlined below. 

Please select Inventory-> Inventory & Listings-> Manage listings-> then use the filter tools to search for the marketplace you wish to update-> bulk select your products-> select update to channel.



If you have any further questions on any of these processes, please contact our support team at

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