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If you have set up your shipping rules in Selro and your orders are importing but the rules aren't being applied please follow the steps outlined below to identify and resolve this issue. 


To start please read out user guide below on setting up shipping rules in Selro to give you an overview of how the rules engine works in Selro:


Check 1 Test your rule

Please go to shipping -> shipping rules-> select your rules and click 'test rule'


Next you can either select your order from the list provided, or you can enter the order ID and search for your order. 

Once you have located your order click test rule

If you order doesn't fall into one of these parameters the rule response will return as 'no result' as pictured below


This means that your order doesn't fall into the criteria specified for your rules.


Check 2 Check the rule criteria you have set 


Make sure the rule criteria you have set is correct and will apply to your products. 


e.g. make sure the weights and dimensions have all been entered correctly. 


Check 3 Make sure your SKUs product weight and dimensions have been entered correctly


Please go to inventory-> inventory & listings -> edit your SKU-> click on the shipping tab


Make sure the product weight and dimensions have been entered correctly for this SKU. 


If after following the above steps you are still having difficulty assigning your rules to orders please contact our support team at and we will be more than happy to assist you. 

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