How to list a single item to eBay

This user guide will take you through the process of listing a single item to eBay. 


For any new Selro users we always recommend listing a single item first, once you are familiar with the process you can then bulk list your products to eBay.


You can create both simple and variation products to eBay from Selro.


To list a single item to eBay please follow the process below. 


Please select Inventory-> Inventory & listings-> from here edit the product you want to list to eBay.




Next please select the listings tab -> select create a new listing



From here you can select the listing template you want to assign to your listing profile. 

Please view our user guide below on creating eBay listing profiles.


eBay Listing Profile


You can change the SKU number, title and selling price at this point if you wish.





Next please ensure all of your product data has been entered.


Once you are happy that all of your information is correct and categories and store categories have been entered please select 'list to eBay'

(If you have assigned a listing profile much of this information can be prepopulated, but you can still amend and change any information from this page.)




Once you have selected list to eBay the below pop up window will appear. 

It can take up to an hour for your listing to process.

(Please note at this point if any information is incorrect or missing an error message may appear please click on the link below to view our user guides on how to correct common eBay error messages, you can also contact our support team at if you need any assistance correcting an error message.)

Common eBay error messages




You can check on the status of your listing by going to inventory->Inventory & listings-> manage listings-> Listing Status



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