Initial set up your product catalogue

To set up your product catalogue in Selro first you need to import all of your products. 

You can either do this via the channel integration or via a CSV file. 

To import your product catalogue via the channel integration please click on your username-> click connections-> edit your channels-> enable the catalogue download/ product download check box on this page. You can also select the 'download product catalogue' button on the top right hand side. (Each channel the download catalogue button name may vary slightly)

It generally takes around an hour for your catalogue to import in Selro this way. 

To upload your product catalogue into Selro via a CSV file please select Inventory-> inventory & listings-> bulk actions

From here you need to select the file type 'general CSV file'

You can download a sample file from this page too. Your upload needs to be in a specific format to import into Selro. 

It usually takes between 20-30 minutes to process your import file, but it can take longer depending on the number of products included in the upload file. 

You can upload a maximum of 10,000 lines per CSV upload. 

If your products have the same SKU reference on each of your marketplaces when they import into Selro they will automatically link together for stock keeping purposes.  So if you are importing your products by downloading the catalogue please ensure you download your best catalogue first as this will be the product information you see within Selro. If your products have different listing titles and descriptions when they import into Selro you will still be able to see this information under the product listing tab. 

If your products have different SKU's across each marketplace you can merge these together so they are linked for stock keeping purposes.

Please click on the link below to view our user guide on this process. 

How to merge products together in Selro

Within Selro you can also create bundle and configurable products please click on the link below to view this process

How to create bundle products

How to create variation listings in Selro


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