Bulk disable/ enable list full quantity

This user guide will take you through the steps to bulk disable the check box 'list full quantity' at the SKU level. 

Please go to inventory-> inventory & listings-> edit any product in your inventory-> select the stock levels tab-> click on the link 'bulk update' under the list full quantity check box. 






The below page will then appear, you can upload your CSV file to bulk update the list full quantity setting here.

You can download a sample file to populate below.

Bulk update list full quantity setting.csv

On this file you need to include the headers sku and enable. 

If you want to ENABLE the list full quantity check box please enter the value 1.

If you want to DISABLE the list full quantity check box (so that your listing quantity is used) please enter the value 0. 


It can take between 20-30 minutes for your CSV file to process. 

You can check on the status of your import by going to inventory-> bulk actions-> file import history. 

When uploading your CSV file to Selro please ensure you include no more than 10,000 lines per upload. 

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