Bulk create warehouse locations

You can create new warehouse locations in bulk in Selro by following the steps outlined below. 


Please go to Inventory-> bulk actions




Please select bulk imports-> warehouse-> select the file type Import warehouse locations.



To create your CSV file please download a copy of our sample file below.

Bulk create warehouse locations.csv

(Please ensure you warehouse location is already set in Selro)

To create your warehouses in Selro please follow the steps outlined in the user guide below.

Warehouse Management

Please note on your CSV file you can only upload 10,000 lines per CSV file. If you have a high volume of products to upload please upload this in separate CSV uploads. 

You can check on the status of your upload file from this page. 

While your file is processing the status will say 'waiting' once your file has uploaded the status will change to complete.

If there are any issues with your CSV file for example you have uploaded your file with incorrect headers a warning message will appear on this page. 


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