Amazon Shipping

To Integrate your Amazon shipping account please follow the steps below. 


Please select shipping-> shipping courier set up



Next please select available couriers and 'set up' Amazon shipping. 






Next please select an Amazon Seller Central account for your amazon buy shipping services.




Next please enter your your sender details. 




Next you can enter your default settings, for example you can specify the weight unit and dimensional units you want your labels to be generated for etc. You can also enter a default value for the weights and dimensions of you products and specify the delivery experience, e.g. delivery confirmation with signature etc. 



Under service mappings you will be able to select your available Amazon buy services you wish to use within Selro, and you can map these to you channel shipping services. 




Finally please connect your printer to Selro so you can generate and print your labels directly from Selro. 

You will need to download and run the relevant QZ printer software for your computer.

Once installed you will be able to search for your printer and create a test print to ensure this is connected successfully. 





Sellers can review and accept terms and conditions on the Manage Shipping Services page of Seller Central.
Calling the Merchant Fulfilment service on behalf of a seller who has not accepted the terms and conditions of Amazon and the carrier returns the TermsAndConditionsNotAccepted message.



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