Custom Order Import, File Mapping

If you need to import orders into Selro, you now have the option to map your order CSV file in Selro. 


To do this please go to inventory-> bulk actions 




Then select custom import files-> new custom import file mapping -> new order import file






The below window will then appear. 

In here please enter the name of your import file, this is just for your internal reference within Selro. 

You can then map the available Selro field names to the field names in your order file. 

(For the channel_ID you need to select the sales channel from the drop down menu) 

Once you have entered all of the information please click 'save changes' 




Your custom import file mapping will then appear as pictured below. 

You can create multiple custom import file types. 


You can then upload your file here by selecting choose file and then upload. 



Next please select 'file import history'

Here you will see the status of your upload file. 

It generally will take around 20-30 minutes for your import file to process. 




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