To integrate your Whist account into Selro please follow the steps outlined below:


Please select shipping-> shipping courier set up




Next please select available couriers-> and then 'set up' Whistl






The below page will then appear, from here please enter your Whistl account information, if you are unsure where to find your account information please contact your account manager at Whistl. 

You need to enter the following:

Your Whistl account number

Whistle department number

Whistl username

Whistl password

You can then select the label size you want to print.

You can select the label format. Please note Whistl recommends that you use the ZPL format as the label image is better quality than the PDF. 

If you want to generate an integrated label please select the format PNG.

Before you can generate and print your labels from within Selro please ensure 'test mode' has been disabled. 

You will also need to enter your pickup address details before you can generate your labels. 





Once you have entered your account information please select the 'shipping services' tab. 

From here you can choose which services you wish to use within Selro. You can also enter maximum dimensions and weight for each service code. These dimensions will be used when creating labels, if you products do not have dimensions and weight assigned.

Please ensure you select 'save changes' once you have enabled your services. 




Next you will have the option to set up your integrated labels for Whistl. If you only want to print the Whistl label, you do not need to set up an integrated label design. 

For more information on setting up your integrated labels in Selro please click on the link below.

Integrated Labels

If you require any assistance with this part of the process please feel free to contact our support team at suport@selro.com



Finally please select the 'printer Set-up tab' to connect your printer in Selro. 

From here you will need to download the QZ printer tray, once the installation is complete you will be able to search for and connect your printer. 

Please select 'test print' to ensure this connection is working.

When generating your shipping labels, if you want these to be automatically sent to the printer please select 'print automatically'.



The below video takes you through the integration process in full. 

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