Evri Business Account

To connect your Evri (previously Hermes) Business account in Selro please follow the steps outlined below. 


Please select shipping-> shipping courier set up-> Available Couriers




Next select 'Setup' Hermes



The below page will then appear:

For the Hermes Account Type please select 'business account'

You can then enter your account information as pictured below. 

Please enter your client ID and Secret-> click save

For label type please only select PNG if you want to print using integrated labels.

Hermes may send you several API keys. 

Please use your SIT credentials to initially create a test label, and send this to your account manager for approval.

Once they have checked this label please use your live keys, PROD credentials to create your labels. 

Once you have entered your account information please select 'connect'




The below page will then appear, please select connect again. 



You will then be redirected to the Evri sign in page, please log into your Evri account. 




Once you have logged into your Evri account you will be redirected to a new page, please copy the entire URL and enter this into your Selro and click continue. 



Next please select the shipping services tab and enable only the services you wish to use. 



If you would like to use integrated labels then please select the tab 'label settings'

You can design your integrated label here, for help with this process please click on the link below to view our user guide.

Integrated Labels




Under the tab 'thermal label setup' you can choose how to print your shipping labels. 

As default, the shipping label will print on its own, you can however choose to print the label followed by the order summary on a separate page. 



Before you can start printing your shipping labels, please ensure you have connected your printer in Selro. 

To do this please select the final tab printer-set up.

From here you will need to download the relevant QZ printer software from your computer and follow the installation process through. 

(You will also need to run java on your computer, if you do not have this you can download using the below link )

Download java

Once the installation is complete please select 'search' to locate your printer and then 'test print' to ensure the connection is set up correctly. 

When generating your labels if you want this to be sent directly to your printer please select the check box 'print automatically' 




Character Limits for Hermes label fields


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