Connect Amazon Seller Central Account with Selro

To connect your Amazon channel please follow the steps outlined below. 


Please click on your username in the top right hand corner and select connections.




Next select marketplaces and 'add' Amazon.



Then select 'connect Amazon seller central account'. 




You will be taken to a log in page, please sign into your Amazon account.



Then select your Amazon account and country. 




You will then be asked to Authorise Selro.


Please select confirm.



You will then be taken back into Selro, please select 'test connection' to ensure your Amazon account has been successfully connected. 

  • Select the check box 'download catalogue' to import your Amazon catalogue.
  • Select the check box 'download orders' to have your Amazon orders downloaded into Selro, please note only new orders placed from this time will be imported into Amazon, if you want to import past orders into Selro, please follow the steps outlined in the user guide below.
  • If you use Amazon FBA please select the check box 'Download Amazon FBA catalogue into Selro'. (Your Amazon FBA products will appear under your 'Fulfilment Centre Inventory' separate to your merchant inventory, for more information on the FBA connection in Selro please view the user guides below.)                                                                                                 
  • Select the box 'Download Amazon FBA Orders' To have FBA orders downloaded into Selro.
  • For Amazon VTR settings please click on the user guide below for more information.

         Amazon VTR




Please watch the video below for a step by step tutorial on this process. 



To create your Amazon listing template please select 'Listing Templates'.

You can create multiple listing templates for each channel.


From here you can set 'general details' such as item condition and product tax code etc. If you leave this information blank the data from the general product details in your inventory will be used. 


From the Shipping tab you can enter your Amazon Shipping Template (If opted in).


From the Pricing rules tab you can set you own pricing rules for example e${cost_price!}*1.6 + 1  This will multiply the cost price by 1.6 and add 1. 

The following tags are available to use.

${cost_price!} and ${selling_price!}

From the categories tab you can select the Amazon categories and browser nodes for this template (anytime you list a product to Amazon using this template it will automatically assign them to this Amazon category).

From here you can also map Selro categories for this listing templates so that products in those Selro categories will be automatically assigned this listing template while listing to channels.

Please note, you cannot create or update existing Amazon Handmade listings. You can only update the quantity and manage these orders in Selro. 

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