To connect your account in Selro please follow the steps outlined below . 


Please click on your username in the top right hand corner of your Selro account-> select connections-> select marketplaces-> select 'add'





Next please enter your account details. 

Please enter your account nickname, this is just for your reference in Selro.

Next you need to enter your BOL API keys, if you are unsure where to find this information please contact your account manager at

Once you have entered your account information please select 'test connection' to ensure your account has been successfully integrated. 

Next please enable the check box, 'download the catalogue into Selro' and select the button 'Download BOL Marketplace catalogue' this will import all of your products into Selro, this process usually takes around 1 hour to complete. 

Next please enable the check box, 'download the orders into Selro' this will begin importing new orders from Please note past orders will not be imported into the system. 

If you would like to import past orders into Selro please follow the steps outlined in the user guide below. 

Bulk Import Orders



Please note you cannot create new listings from Selro to you can only update the price and quantity for existing listings to

Please watch the below video for a step by step tutorial on this process. 

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