Connecting Wayfair

To connect your Wayfair account in Selro please follow the steps outlined below. 

Please click on your username in the top right hand corner of your Selro account-> select connections-> select marketplaces-> select 'add Wayfair' 




From here you can enter the account nickname, this is just for your internal reference in Selro. 

Please enter your API key. (If you are unsure where to locate your API key please contact your account manager at Wayfair and they should be able to provide this for you) 

Once the keys are entered, please click 'Test Connection' and this should show if the keys are valid or not.

Please enable 'download the catalogue into Selro' and select download Wayfair store catalogue to import your products into Selro. It will generally take around an hour for all of your products to import. 

If you leave this check box enabled then any new products you add to Wayfair directly will be automatically imported into Selro every 24-48 hours. 

Please enable 'download the orders into Selro' to start importing your Wayfair orders. Please note only new orders placed from the time of enabling this field will be imported into Selro. 

Past orders will not be automatically imported. 

If you would like to import your past Wayfair orders into Selro please follow the steps outlined in the user guide below. 

Bulk Import Orders





Please note Wayfair integration only supports stock synchronisation, price updates, and order management. You cannot create new listings from Selro to Wayfair at this time. If you would like to list new products to your Wayfair store you will need to do this on your Wayfair account directly. 


To enable your inventory update via Wayfair API please follow the steps outlined in the attached guide below.

API Third Party Onboarding Process Guidebook - Order Management & Inventory (1).pdf



Please note:

To use Wayfair's API stock update you need to be approved as a seller. You will need to raise a ticket with Wayfair following the steps below. Once approved your stock synchronisation between Selro and Wayfair will be active.  






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