Amazon FBA inventory integration into Selro inventory

Ability to use Amazon FBA inventory as the master inventory for all your products in different channels will be implemented in Selro soon. This gives the Amazon FBA sellers to push all their inventory into Amazon FBA and start selling in eBay and Magento ecommerce stores and more to add. Stock level will be kept in synch with FBA quantity level.



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    Hi Chris, this is avaiable in Selro now for autmatically sync FBA quantity with other sales channels.

  • Wow, you've been working on this for 5 years and still not ready! 

  • How to edit / update FBA products in Selro?

    Nothing to find in the help files, and no button to update modified descriptions or pictures to Amazon. FBA products can be edited within Selro - for no reason. Because one can't push the update to Amazon.

  • Hi Volker  Hopes all well.  This is for mainly to use multichannel FBA where orders from other channels are fulfulled via FBA. When connecting the FBA warehouses, you can enable the stock sync to other channels so stock will be in sync with FBA Warehouse stock levels. 

  • Hi Kem, thank you. Please explain the workflow, since I can't find any relevant information on Selro website:

    I typically create new products in Selro, then list them to Amazon Canada. In my Amazon seller central I create another version of this product, to ship part of my inventory to Amazon, or I create a new product in FBA if this is something I won't sell anywhere else (my FBA only items).

    These new created FBA items pop up in Selro after some time, and they even have an "edit" button, but after editing them, there is no function to push the updated information back to Amazon.

    What do I miss? How can FBA products be updated using Selro?

  • Hi Volker The following article explains on how to keep FBA stock levels in sycn with other channels for MFBA.


    With regards to Edit link FBA section, you are right and it  has no relevance  as  currenlt you can not update changes to FBA product details from Selro


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